Customer Support Channels

  • 1 hour ticket response time
  • A 60–Minute Ticket Response Guarantee

  • All your help requests will be attended to in maximum 1 hour after the ticket or e–mail was submitted. If your issue calls for additional assistance from a system administrator, we’ll direct the trouble ticket or the email to the person in charge, in a timely manner and we will leave a comment to let you know that more time will be required for finding a solution. And if you take advantage of our Managed Services package, any of the server management tasks included there will be carried out whenever you decide.

  • Top quality support service
  • A Premium Customer Care Service

  • If you require help while using our Site Control Panel or with any of the applications that we’ve pre–installed on the dedicated hosting server for you, you can get in touch with our technical support team at any moment via the ticketing system. Additionally, in case you require assistance administering your dedicated web hosting server, you can make use of the Managed Services package, that includes Operating System updates every week, software installation and troubleshooting services, server monitoring and restarting procedures, data backup storage space, etcetera.

  • Intuitive help center
  • An Intuitive Help Area

  • Our Site Control Panel has been preinstalled for every dedicated server. Among its functions is a rather convenient integrated knowledgebase that will guide you step by step on all the tasks that you can carry out. Most of the help articles have video versions which demonstrate all the tasks that you can perform in a highly illustrative way. You will find the instructional articles and the video tutorials in the upper right corner of each Site Control Panel section.