The quality of the Internet hosting service which you will receive for your sites depends not only on the features which a given plan contains, but also on the hardware your web apps work on. Increased CPU speeds, for example, suggest that the processes running on the server will be carried out more quickly, while additional physical memory (RAM) indicates that more processes can run at the same time. The quality of the hardware could also have an effect on the overall performance and reliability of the server. Because the Internet hosting service these days includes not only file storage, but also databases, email messages, logs, and many others, additional processing power is required to run all of the system processes and to ensure that they run efficiently and with no lag. When the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be slow Internet sites or even service timeouts since the machine will not be able to handle all requests to the sites hosted on it.

24-core servers, hardware in Shared Hosting

If you decide to get one of our shared hosting solutions, you will not have to worry about the servers where your Internet sites will be accommodated or about the lack of system resources. We use a revolutionary cloud platform and every service is handled by its own cluster of servers. Every machine within the clusters has 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so regardless of the applications you want to employ, they will perform at top speed all of the time. We can always add extra machines to any of the clusters, and therefore the processing power and the hard disk space for our plans is practically unlimited. For improved performance, we take advantage of solid-state drives for the storage, which will boost the overall performance of your websites considerably. As our servers are not only powerful, but also redundant, you won't notice any downtime for any Internet site which you host on our end.

24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Servers

Unlike various web hosting service providers which run everything on a single server, we employ a modern cloud hosting platform, so in case you obtain a semi-dedicated server account from our company, it will be generated on that platform. The latter includes multiple clusters that handle the different aspects of the web hosting service for instance file storage, log generation, databases, etc. Every single cluster is comprised of very powerful servers with 24-core processors and 64 GB physical memory which guarantee outstanding loading speeds for all sites hosted on our end. The performance of your web applications will be enhanced even more by the solid-state drives that we employ. The cluster system enables us to supply quite a lot of unlimited features with the semi-dedicated solutions and if you get an account, you'll really be able to use them since we could expand any of the clusters by attaching more servers with the exact same hardware configuration.

24-core servers, hardware in VPS Servers

In case you get a VPS server from our company, it will be generated on a powerful machine, so all the system resources which are listed in the plan features on our website shall be guaranteed at all times. Each physical server comes with multiple processors with a total of 24 cores and 64 gigabytes RAM. Since our VPS solutions are scalable, we make sure that in case all the clients on the server opt to upgrade, there'll be a sufficient amount of resources, so you'll be able to use what you've paid for at any time. In addition, all physical servers come with solid-state drives that are considerably quicker than the standard HDDs, so your sites will perform at their top speed. The server configuration is one of the key reasons behind our service level guarantees as we never make any compromise regarding the hardware and you will always get the very best possible web hosting service.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers that we offer have different hardware setups so as to give you a choice to get the most appropriate one in terms of the system resources you need and the budget you have, but they all are very powerful and will offer top-notch performance for any type of website. Depending on what you want to run, you can use up to 12 CPU cores with more than 24 GHz processing speed and as much as 16 GB of physical memory solely for your web apps. All parts that we use for the servers are tested diligently both before and after your machine is set up to make sure that there is no problematic hardware. If any kind of issue presents itself nonetheless, the support crew which is available 24/7 in our US datacenter can easily substitute any component and recover the proper functioning of your server in no more than a couple of minutes.